Grand Knits New York is a brand new website just opened in June selling knitting kits. We are now selling on three other websites. We have also introduced new products to our knitting line. and are both known for their unique, one of a kind, handcrafted selections that are sold through individuals and craft companies. I am sure that everyone knows, where you can buy almost anything. Go and see our products on all four websites.

Vogue Knitting

I just completed an ad for Vogue Knitting, an International knitting magazine. The ad will be shown in the Holiday issue at Christmas in the “Holiday Gift guide”2011


Etsy Shop

I just opened up a shop on    grandknitsny is my shop it is listed under handbag knitting kits.

July 18, 2011

I decided to add more text to to let visitors know more about the kit.

Visit our website to see our handbag knitting kits

Grand Knits New York

Grand Knits New York has just opened at sell handbag knitting kits. Check our website out!

June 27 2011

Shoppin cart is now installed! There is now online shopping at